Hello! My name is
Jakob Majnek.
I'm a passionate software developer.

About me

My name is Jakob Majnek and I'm a passionate software developer from Pfaffstätten, a small town near Vienna. Since 2010 I mainly worked in web development projects for renowned Austrian companies in different kind of fields ranging from research companies, public services (health and social welfare departments) to sports betting industries. While working on the different web development projects, I focused on .NET MVC with MSSQL and Angular applications. Besides, I recently further concentrated on Typescript and NodeJS. I am interested in designing complete software solutions including the whole software architecture from frontend to backend. Additionally, I like to build optimal and smoothly running Dev-Ops environments for continuous integration and automatization. For me, the goal is to deliver results that are high quality, sustainable and up to date. Besides a high level of quality in coding, I always put emphasises on a good team spirit and for me communication is the key to success. In my view, strong team work including a good team spirit and an open communication is the key to success. That's the reason I enjoy working in an environment that encourages an agile mindset. The structured communication and working procedures of agile teams perfectly fit my strengths. I like to motivate and support my team members to act together by sharing a vision in order to achieve a common goal. When I am not sitting in front of a screen due to work, am sitting in front of a screen in my leisure time, working on improving and learning new technologies. In August 2020 my son Levi was born and I spend as much time as possible with him. Since then, my PC became number two in my life ;-)

My favorites


For me the prefered backend framework in regards of fast development and debugging


My prefered web application framework for most of my projects


Sharing knowledge and tackling challenging tasks together as team make software development intersting


A proper CI/CD pipeline is part of great software development.


I think it fits perfect for my small side projects


Jakob Majnek
2019 - present
Freelancer Senior Software Developer
Support customers on-site and remote. Main focus on .NET Core, Angular and agile software development process

Admiral Sportwetten
2018 - 2019
Senior Software Developer
Fullstack development for a big austrian sports betting company. Technologies: Angular, ExpressJS with Typescript, .NET Core MVC, Docker

Fonds Soziales Wien
2016 - 2018
Technical Lead Developer
Technical Lead Developer of an agile seven person team. Interim Scrum-Master. .NET Core MVC / Angular Micro-Service/Frontend Architecture

SBA Research
2012 - 2016
.NET Developer
Projects with renowned austrian organizations (.NET MVC, CQRS, AngularJS) Collaboration on scientific studies.

2010 - 2012
Web-Development with Javascript and HTML in IBM Notes and Domino. Small projects for local customers


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